Catholic Homeschool Conference VIP Pass by Paola Ciskanik

Catholic Homeschool Conference VIP Pass

With 65+ talks on Homeschool Guidance, Marriage & Family as well as Character and Virtue development you are set for a successful and joy-filled homeschool year! (Log in if you already purchased the Pass)

What's included?

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Jumpstart Your Homeschool LIVE Event - August 6th
Jen Mackintosh⎜Truth, Goodness, and Beauty - a Morning Basket for All Ages
Rob Kenney, Sophia Institute Press You CAN teach Religion at Home!
Live Event - Jumpstart Your Homeschool - Experienced Mom Q and A Session
Live Event - Jumpstart Your Homeschool - Dad Panel Q and A Session
Jumpstart Your Homeschool - Bonus Pre-Recorded Talks
Maureen Wittmann⎜Homeschooling 101
Mary Cooney⎜Finding the Courage to Homeschool
Nancy Bandzuch - Catholic Sprouts | How to Pray the Rosary Better
Virtual Chapel
Marytown Online Adoration Chapel
The Exhibitor Hall
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Facebook Private Group
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Handy QUICK checklist - ALL the recorded talks from the June Conference!
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Catholic Homeschool Conference Workbook
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LIVE Keynotes
Kimberly Hahn | Is Pandemic Schooling Homeschooling?
Andrew Pudewa | Culture, Curriculum, and Care: Community in a Time of Need
Susie Lloyd | Ten Things Any Parent Can Do to Help Teens Grow up Fantastic
MaryEllen Barrett | How To Homeschool and Not Lose Your Mind
John Martignoni | Why Your Student, and You, Need Apologetics
Pam Barnhill | Six Simple Hacks That Will Change Your Homeschool: Overlooked strategies that make you say “Why didn’t I think of that?’
Laura Berquist | Catholic Homeschooling: The Hope of the Future
Margaret Berns | "Be Still and Know I am God" a Virtual Retreat for the World-Weary Soul
Tim Staples | LIVE Facebook Q and A
Homeschool Guidance
Paola Ciskanik | Top Tips for the Homeschool Beginner
Jen Mackintosh | Let Them Wonder - Wonder as an Essential Element in Home Education
Sarah Mackenzie | Is it Really Possible to Teach from Rest
Sarah Mackenzie | Reading Aloud - the Most Powerful Tool in your Homeschooling Toolbox
Jordan Almanzar | More than Meets the Eye: Finding Educational Opportunities in Unexpected Places
Patti Maguire Armstrong | Juggling Multiple Ages
Linda Bromeier | Teaching Beginning Reading with Phonics
Erin M. Brown, MA, MFA | Spelling Struggles to Mastery: Two Simple Games that Make Spelling Easy
Erin M. Brown, MA, MFA | Reading “Beyond” with Phonemes: How to Avoid the Nine Biggest Mistakes when Teaching Reading
Phillip Campbell | Recognizing and Confronting Historical Bias
Kris Correira | How Homeschooling Science Can Change the Culture
Margot Davidson | Creating a Homeschool Culture Through Literature
MacBeth Derham | Numbers in Nursery Rhymes and Novels: Creating a Joy of Math through Literature
Dr. Anthony Esolen | Imagination, the Driver
Tammy Lynn-Storie Parker | The Value of a Mentor
Dr. Amy Fahey | Home Education in a Climate of Fear, Uncertainty--and Hope
Megan Fassero & Angie Stoner | Turn Clutter into Treasure!: Using a Tickler System to Manage your Home and Homeschool
Robert Haddad | Parents as First Apologists
Chantal Howard | Working From Homeschool
Judith Jolma | Journalism, Espionage, and Miss Brenda's Lime
Steve and Janet Ray | What We Learned After a Lifetime of Homeschooling
Ginny Kochis | Gifted Homeschooling 101
Dr. Sam Nicholson | Why Study Logic (in highschool)
Katherine O'Brien | College Prep Steps from Middle School on
Dr. Pamela Patnode | Dyslexia: Help for Parents
Joseph Pearce | Why Literature Matters
Kevin O'Brien | What to Do with the Creative Child
Patrick J. Reilly | Catholic College? Pros and Cons
Dr. Carol Reynolds | How the Arts Empower Teaching Children of Every Age
Annette Scarpa | Planning Group Activities In Your Homeschool
Father Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D | 7 Reasons why Jesus is the One
Sally Thomas | Charlotte Mason, the Accidental Thomist, and Her Method
Margaret Walsh | The Four Pillars: Homeschooling Children with Special Needs
Rachel Watkins | Disability? Chronic Illness? You CAN homeschool!
Fr. Mitch Pacwa | Parents Essential Role in Homeschooling Especially During These Uncertain Times
Marriage & Family
Father Leo Patalinghug | Feeding Your Family
Charbel and Christine Raish | Loving Your Spouse the Way They Want to be Loved
Haley Stewart | Educating Young Children Through Daily Family Life
Mike Aquilina | Creating a Culture of Reading
Dr John Bergsma | The Importance of One to One Time with Each Other in Our Families
Bernz O. Caasi | Helping Kids Remain Catholic
Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC
Simon Carrington | Parenting Purity to Teens
Maria Cecilia Escobedo | Little Way to Merciful Love for Moms
Mike and Alicia Hernon | The Power of Your Family Culture
Lisa Mladinich | Three Keys for Thriving in Your Mixed Marriage
Tammy Parker | Loving Well
Ginny Seuffert | Simple Tips to Keep Your Home in Order
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers | The Joys & Challenges of Spiritual Fatherhood and How Porn Destroys It
Character & Virtue Development
Bonnie Landry | Shortcuts to JOY - homeschooling in the earthquake zone
Dr. Edward Sri | Preparing Our Children to Engage the Culture of Moral Relativism
Fr. Simon Baker, OSB | Pray Like a Monk
Celeste Behe | Cultivating Virtue Through Storytelling
Ana Braga-Henebry | Cultivating Vocations in the Catholic Homeschool
Mary Daly | Galileo: Speaker of Truth
Jason Evert | Dating 101
T. M. Gaouette | Using Fiction to Instill Character and Virtue
Br. Leven Harton, OSB | Tips for Discerning God's Will
Jennifer Gregory Miller | Essentially Living the Liturgical Year through the Eyes of Maria Montessori and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Dr Andrew Mullins | The Big Four Building Blocks of Character
Eleanor Bourg Nicholson | Raising Virtuous Children in 10 Books
Dave Palmer | How St. Thomas Aquinas Can Guide Us to a Better Knowledge of God
Andrew Pudewa | Fairy Tales and the Moral Imagination
Rosario Reilly | Routines that Build Habits: Spiritual, Homeschool, and Intellectual
Dr. Henry Russell | Homeschooling Shakespeare
Corinna Turner | Guarding the Eyes of the Soul: Do Entertainment Choices Matter?
Emmanuel ‘Mann’ Rentoy | The Urgency of Character Formation in the Family
Gold Sponsor Live Sessions
The Catholic University of America
Kolbe Academy Live Session
Thomas More College Live College
Thomas Aquinas College Live Session
Benedictine College Live Session
Catholic Brain Live Session